Whilst his classmates aspire to become police officers, soldiers, pilots, and teachers amongst other professions, Nkosingiphile Dlamini (20) has set his heart on a very unique career path, that of being the King’s speechwriter.


Dlamini is one of the most dedicated grade seven pupils at Damaseko, a Zion Church missionary primary school in the Manzini region.

He was one of the top 10 essay writing competition winners under the TBWA\Yati Back to School campaign, where the company partnered with the school as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Though he might appear as a late bloomer to many, because of his age and current school grade, the soft-spoken pupil seems very determined not to be deterred by his circumstances.

Tragically, the double-edged sword called life dealt him a bitter blow, leaving him orphaned after losing both parents within a short period of time. He lost his father in 2001, shortly after that his mother passed on in 2006. When he was in Grade 4, he eventually dropped out of school.

“It was a real uphill battle for me without anybody to maintain or support me emotionally, physically, and financially. I went about soliciting piece job just to keep upbeat. It was a real struggle, but eventually I got a job with a forestry company. I still remember that first wage I got! E40 which I worked so hard at saving, so I could see myself in school once more because that was my greatest desire in life.” he said.

However, keeping afloat was never easy for him, again he was unable to go back to school the following year. It is all thanks to a Good Samaritan that took him in. But fate was not on his side, death struck again and he lost his foster parent.

“I was shattered. Fortunately, my uncle took me in and that is how I ended up in this school,” he said.

Asked why he chose to pursue a career as a speechwriter for the King. He affirmed his love and patriotism for the Monarchy and expressed that that was the only thing steering him in that direction.

His confidence was further boosted by the nomination into the top 10 in the essay writing competition cementing his career path choice.

“I was elated at being nominated into the top 10 as I was not very self- assured that my writing skills were at their best. However, this competition has given me that nudge on the shoulder to pursue and make my dream a reality,” he said clutching his prize hamper which consisted of a new pair of school shoes, a backpack and other school supplies.

Lastly, he expressed that his greatest wish was to pass in the Swaziland Primary Certificate (SPC) with a Merit.

His teachers commended him for his constant display for the highest degree of maturity.

Furthermore, his Class teacher commented on the uniqueness of Dlamini’s aspiration citing that given how close in proximity the school was with the Royal Eswatini Police Service (REPS) Operational Support Service Unit (OSSU) Ngonini camp, one would have automatically thought being a Police Officer would be his career of choice too. The school consists of about 230 pupils.

The Headmistress, Thembekile Mathunya mentioned that if it weren’t for Free Primary Education (FPE), most pupils would have dropped out school.

“Most of these kids are struggling and this is affecting their morale too. They often come to school hungry and even ask for food to take home because of uncertainty of when or where their next meal will come from. We also have child-headed families. Such was the case with the lone pupil who failed the Swaziland Primary Certificate examination hence our deepest appreciation to TBWA\Yati for what they have done for these pupils,” she said.

TBWA\Yati Managing Director Mfundo Mavimbela said the company’s aim is to make CSR an integral part of how they carry out business.

“We understand the need to set and maintain high standards of integrity towards our customers, local communities, and our society as a whole,” he said.

TBWA\Yati dubbed, ‘The Disruption Company’ is an integrated marketing and communications agency. It is affiliated to TBWA Worldwide: an award-winning global advertising agency under the New York listed Omnicom Group.